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In just a decade, the value of Bitcoin has risen from Zero to nearly ₹ 40 Lakhs

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Decoding Crypto

  • What exactly is Crypto?

    Cryptocurrencies are decentralised digital assets operating on blockchain technology. There are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies out there, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency launched.

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  • Why Invest in Crypto?

    Cryptocurrencies have surpassed almost all trading instruments in terms of returns. They are the go-to asset class, with around 11 million Indians trading in Cryptocurrencies.

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  • How to register on CoinSwitch app?

    A step-by-step guide to help you start your journey into the world of crypto trading.

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  • How to buy Crypto?

    Buying and selling cryptocurrency is easy thanks to CoinSwitch app. It’s safe and secure and easy to use.

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Know Well, Invest Wisely

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  • MYTH

    Cryptocurrency cannot be taxed

  • FACT

    Under IT Law, crypto earnings are taxed at 30% sort-term & 20% longterm

  • MYTH

    Cryptocurrency can be used for illicit purposes

  • FACT

    KYC procedures are mandatory by law for anyone who wants to trade in crypto

  • MYTH

    Cryptocurrencies transactions are untraceable

  • FACT

    The blockchain keeps a historical ledger that can be viewed by law agencies

  • MYTH

    You need a lot of money to invest in Cryptocurrency

  • FACT

    To start with, the minimum amount required to invest is Rs 100

  • MYTH

    I need to be a tech expert to trade in Cryptocurrency

  • FACT

    CoinSwithch Kuber app simplifies trading in Cryptocurrency for everyone

What’s new in the world of Crypto?


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  • I really love the quick withdrawals and deposits on CoinSwitch which has made me a regular on the platform.


  • I like how the interface is so user-friendly; it handheld me at every step of making my first crypto trade.

    Sonu Kumar

  • Being an ardent stock trader, I made my way into cryptocurrencies through CoinSwitch Kuber; the live charts and information have helped me make informed choices.

    Anita Tembhurnikar

  • The interface is very intuitive; I was able to register on the platform in no time and swiftly engaged in cryptocurrencies the next second.

    Ved Mawndia