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We have curated a list of 15 popular electric cars available in India in the price range of Rs. 4.50 Lakh - Rs. 2.10 Crore. The most popular electric cars include Volvo XC40 Recharge (Rs. 75.00 Lakh), MG ZS EV (Rs. 21.99 Lakh) and BMW iX (Rs. 1.15 Crore). The top car manufacturers that produce electric cars are Volvo, MG, BMW, Porsche, BYD. Check out best electric cars in India from Volvo XC40 Recharge to Mahindra E Verito.

Electric Cars Price in India

ModelEx-showroom Price
Volvo XC40 RechargeRs. 75.00 Lakh
MG ZS EVRs. 21.99 - 25.88 Lakh
BMW iXRs. 1.15 Crore
Porsche TaycanRs. 1.50 - 2.10 Crore
BYD E6Rs. 29.15 Lakh
Audi e-tron GTRs. 1.79 Crore
Audi RS e-tron GTRs. 2.04 Crore
Tata Tigor EVRs. 12.24 - 13.39 Lakh
Audi e-tronRs. 1.00 - 1.18 Crore
Jaguar I-PaceRs. 1.08 - 1.12 Crore

15 Electric Cars in India 2022

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BYD e6 First Drive Review

With 520km of claimed range, this MPV makes a powerful promise. What’s the catch?

Dec 21, 2021

Electric Cars User Reviews

  • Taycan
    6 reviews

    Porsche build quality alone would make me go with this over a tesla. To be fair to Tesla, They offer more features with money. But Porsche is night and day better when it comes to the interior overall styling. But if I had to go with anyone. I would go with Tesla any day. No AWD(All Wheel Drive), less range, less power, and the worst charging network is a tough even considering Porsche quality and refinement.

    Mahesh 2 months ago
  • Taycan
    6 reviews

    Porsche taycan is a 5 seater luxury electric vehicle.I love this car and i am planing to buy it as it suits my needs.I have booked test drive already and as soon as i take the test drive and i find everything according to my needs i will book it.The thing i will be looking out is the built quality of the car.As driving this expensive car in india is a big risk.

    Mayank 3 months ago
  • Taycan
    6 reviews

    Porsche taycan is a very good looking electric car with some very impressive specs but it is also very expensive car in this price range i can import some other luxury car with better specs.The front suspension in this car is adaptive air suspension which are very good and you do not feel any bumps on the road.It has a top speed of 230 km per hour.

    Ayank 3 months ago
  • Taycan
    6 reviews

    Porsche taycan is my dream car it is a electric 5 seater luxury car available at a price of rs.1.50 crore in india.It is available in only one variant and 17 colours.The taycan has a boot space of 446 litres while it's ground clearance is 127 mm.This engine of taycan develops a power of 321.84bhp and a torque of 345nm.It is available only with an automatic transmission.

    Hemant 3 months ago

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Electric Cars Question and Answers

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 21 hours ago

    Volvo XC40 Recharge is a 78kWh battery pack that helps the XC40 Recharge achieve a WLTP-claimed range of 418 km on a single charge and its top speed is 180kmph.

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 1 week ago

    Both cars are good in their forte. MG has gone for a cleaner philosophy, which is evident in the lack of clutter around the new front bumper and the axing of the faux front grille. Other than that, the 17-inch alloy wheels get a new design, the headlights and tail lamps are from the Astor, and the rear bumper has a distinct look. Also, black and grey join the paint options on the Astor alongside red and white. But the trademark blue has been taken out. Under the good is where the juicy changes are at. It is now powered by a 176PS electric powertrain, a 33PS jump over the pre-facelift model’s 143PS setup. It is also now coupled with a larger 50.3kWh battery pack in place of the 44kWh unit. Of course, this translates to a claimed range of 461km, which is 42km better than the pre-facelift model’s 419km (claimed). On the other hand, The Nexon’s balance of ride comfort, backseat space, and boot space has made it a fantastic pick as the family car. The EV has managed to retain these values. The floor height for the rear bench and the 350-litre boot space is unchanged. This has been achieved by packing the 30.2kWh batteries underneath the car, resulting in a 4mm drop in ground clearance to a still-healthy 205mm. The Nexon EV makes the leap that we have been awaiting from Tata Motors. It is appealing and polished, with no ifs and buts. The plastics felt good and the finish was consistent too. Everything worked as expected, if not better. The only niggles we could find was that in sunlight, we couldn’t see which mode was selected on the drive mode selector because of the weak backlight. A 300km real-world range and a higher top speed would have cemented the Nexon as the EV to beat. The Nexon EV is expected to be priced between Rs 15 lakh to Rs 17 lakh, but state government subsidies and rebates would bring it in line with its ICE-equipped siblings and in a position to make EVs the new normal. For a better understanding of compatibility and driving comfort, we would suggest you to take a test drive. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for dealership details.

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 1 week ago

    In order to get detailed information about the subsidy and its eligibility criteria, we would suggest you exchange your words with an authorized dealership or nearest RTO. As these rules may differ in different states. Check out dealership details.

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 1 week ago

    You can book this car via the official website of MG.

  • Viswanathan
    Viswanathan 1 month ago


FAQs on Electric Cars

What is the charging time for electric cars?

The charge time for an EV can range from 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the size of the battery and speed of the charger. The average charging time takes around 8 hours from zero to full battery with a 7 kW charging point.

Can we charge electric cars at home?

Home charging can be done via the installation of a home charging point or an EVSE supply for a 3-pin plug socket. The home charging point is faster and has built-in safety features.

What is the battery life of electric cars?

Almost all batteries in EVs have a warrantied lifespan of 8 years and approx 1.6 lakh kilometres.

What is the cost of battery used in electric cars?

The average cost of a lithium-ion battery used in EVs is Rs 2.27 lakh.

What is the top speed of electric cars?

Top speed of electric cars is generally limited to around 150kmph.

Can electric cars be used in hills?

An electric vehicle has separate motors for each wheel or each pair of wheels and produces more torque instantaneously as compared to standard cars with internal combustion engines. It can climb steep mountains easily.

What is the service cost for electric cars?

Overall, servicing an electric car is going to be cheaper than a conventional car. The cost of servicing an EV is approximately 70% lesser than an internal combustion engine car.

Is there any government subsidy on electric cars?

The Indian government provides various subsidies on hybrid and electric vehicles under the FAME II policy. However, this is only applicable for commercial use and the subsidies comprise up to Rs. 1.50 lakh for cars and Rs. 30,000 on two-wheelers. For personal use, electric cars have the lowest GST rate at 5 per cent in comparison to other classes.

Which are the best electric cars in India?

There are only limited electric cars in India at the moment. The best EVs to consider of the lot include Hyundai Kona Electric, Tata Nexon EV and MG ZS EV.