Finding the mermaid or merman of your dreams can be tough. Until there’s a Tinder for divers, here are a few pickup lines you can use to attract a mate.

We hope that they bring you some success but please note that PADI is not liable for any broken masks, black eyes, or other damage incurred by using these terrible, terrible pickup lines.

Marine Life

  • Can I be the clownfish to your anemone?
  • If you lived underwater, you’d be an angelfish.
  • Are you an octopus? Because you octopi my thoughts.

Scuba diving couple

Body Parts

  • Are your legs tired? You’ve been swimming through my mind all night.
  • Your eyes are like the ocean and I’m lost at sea.
  • Yarrr, that’s the finest booty I’ve ever seen.

Safety First

  • You better stay away from the compressor room. You’re so hot you’re on fire!
  • Would you like to see my special buddy breathing technique?
  • I need emergency oxygen, because you just took my breath away.
  • Can you navigate on this dive? I keep getting lost in your eyes.
  • Excuse me, there’s no smoking on this dive boat. I’m not smoking. Yes you are….

scuba diving pick up lines

Equipment Inspection

  • My dive watch is broken, can I have a little of your time?
  • I have a dive knife, but what I really need is a spoon.
  • You can always count on the divemaster to make sure you’re turned on.
  • Care to do an equipment inspection?


  • I’m not narced, I’m just intoxicated by your presence.
  • I’m either bent or in love. When I see you I feel tingly.

Scuba diving pickup lines


  • You know what they say about guys with big fins…
  • Is your dad named Triton, because you look like a mermaid.
  • You must be Nemo, because I have searched the ocean for you.


  • Are you a member of the dive crew? You’ve turned my heart into knots.
  • Want to join the 10 meter/30 feet club?
  • I wish I could be your PADI card so we could always go diving together.

The pickup line that might actually work:

Do you need a dive buddy?

If you’re already a diving addict, but your partner or spouse isn’t crazy about the idea, here are four ways to get them onboard…or overboard as the case may be.

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