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Royal Enfield bike price starts from Rs. 1.45 Lakh for Bullet 350 to Rs. 3.26 Lakh for Continental GT 650. Royal Enfield offers a total of seven products which are Petrol powered two wheelers only. Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of the top Cruiser bikes in India . The company also plans to launch several upcoming bikes such as Shotgun 650, Hunter 350 and Super Meteor 650. Choose a Royal Enfield bike to know all the details, including the latest price & bike offers at dealer showrooms in your city. You can also check out the specifications, images, bike mileage, user reviews from fellow Royal Enfield bike owners and unbiased reviews by our auto experts.

Royal Enfield Bikes Price List (March 2022) in India

Royal Enfield Bike ModelEx-showroom Price
Royal Enfield Classic 350Rs. 1.87 - 2.18 Lakh
Royal Enfield Scram 411Rs. 2.03 - 2.08 Lakh
Royal Enfield Bullet 350Rs. 1.45 - 1.60 Lakh
Royal Enfield HimalayanRs. 2.14 - 2.22 Lakh
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650Rs. 3.02 - 3.26 Lakh
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650Rs. 2.85 - 3.10 Lakh
Royal Enfield Meteor 350Rs. 2.01 - 2.17 Lakh

About Royal Enfield

From a company that started supplying bicycles under the label ‘Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd’, in  1893, Royal Enfield rolled out its first motorcycle in 1901 with a 1.5PS engine. Today, the company stands as one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world to be in continuous production. 
The success of Madras Motors led to the company opening a plant in India which assembled the bikes shipped from Redditch. After the Redditch factory shut in 1967, Madras Motors took the reins and began exporting the 350cc Bullet to the UK and Europe. Eicher Motors later purchased Enfield India Ltd in 1994 and renamed it to Royal Enfield Motors Limited.
Over the decade, bikes like the Royal Enfield Machismo, Royal Enfield Thunderbird, Bullet Electra X were introduced. In 2008, Royal Enfield launched the Thunderbird Twinspark, which was the first bike to feature the new Unit Construction Engine with a cubic capacity of 500cc. Just a year later, the Royal Enfield Classic 500 made its debut and became an instant success.
In 2016, Royal Enfield began expanding its horizon, by introducing its first ADV -- the Himalayan. It also featured an all-new 411cc long-stroke engine with an external oil-cooler. The very next year, Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 were showcased at the EICMA before being launched in 2018.
By 2020, Royal Enfield phased out the 500cc UCE and introduced the new Meteor 350 based on the J Platform on which the 2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 is based. During this time, Royal Enfield Tripper, the company’s navigation pod, made its debut, and is now available with the Meteor 350, Classic 350 and the Himalayan.
Now, Royal Enfield is further evolving, and not just restricting itself to retro roadsters. The bikemaker has promised to launch a new motorcycle every quarter. The Royal Enfield Scram 411, an affordable variant of the Himalayan, seems to be the next in line. This is likely to be followed by the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 and Super Meteor 650 are two other bikes likely to debut in 2022.
Product Portfolio
Retro Roadster: Being one of the oldest brands in continuous production, Royal Enfield’s portfolio is dominated by roadsters. The Bullet 350 and the Classic 350 continue to charm with their old-school appeal, but with ABS and fuel-injection, also pack some modern-day amenities. And for those looking for that authentic British twin experience, the Royal Enfield Interceptor fits the bill perfectly. From the old-school styling with the generous amount of chrome to retro-themed paint jobs and a sweet-sounding parallel-twin engine, the Interceptor 650 ticks all the right boxes.
Cruiser: The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is the only cruiser bike in India on sale at the moment. It comes as a replacement to the Thunderbird 350, and is built on the same ethos. So, with the wide handlebar, forward-set footpegs, and a roomy seat, mile-munching will be a piece of cake. Furthermore, to sweeten the deal, there’s a bunch of accessories from Royal Enfield’s Make-it-Yours program. 
ADV: The Royal Enfield Himalayan is the sole ADV from the bike maker. It packs modern elements like navigation, switchable ABS and fuel-injection, but has a very retro-ish style, just as one would expect from Royal Enfield. However, the ADV has been getting pricier every few months, and in fact, in the last one year, the price has gone up by a stupendous Rs 19,000.
Cafe Racer: A brand with British roots is incomplete without a cafe racer, and for that Royal Enfield introduced the Continental GT 535 in 2015, which then received a larger, twin-cylinder engine, becoming the Continental GT 650. With low-set clip-ons, a flat seat and rear-set footpegs, the Continental GT 650 may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 
Greatest Hits
Royal Enfield’s Top 5 hits in the Indian market so far:
Classic 350: Breadwinner for the brand for a decade.
Bullet: The go-to bike to get Leh’d.
Himalayan: The bike that introduced the idea of affordable adventure tourer.
Thunderbird 350: The original cruiser for Indian enthusiasts.
Interceptor 650: Owning a big bike was never this easy on the pocket.
Future Prospects
Royal Enfield has promised to launch a new bike every quarter for the next five years. We have already seen the Hunter 350, Scram 411, Super Meteor 650 and the Shotgun 650 being tested in India. Royal Enfield could also bring a bigger adventure bike to the market, likely to be based on an all-new platform.

Royal Enfield Bike Models Price in India

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Upcoming Royal Enfield Bikes

  • Royal Enfield Hunter 350
    Rs. 1.70 Lakh
    Launch Date : Unrevealed
  • Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650
    Rs. 3.35 Lakh
    Launch Date : Unrevealed
  • Royal Enfield Shotgun 650
    Rs. 3.25 Lakh
    Launch Date : Unrevealed
  • Royal Enfield 2023 Bullet 350
    Rs. 1.80 Lakh
    Launch Date : Unrevealed
  • Royal Enfield Classic 650
    Rs. 2.95 Lakh
    Launch Date : Unrevealed

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Royal Enfield Bike User Reviews

  • Classic 350
    382 reviews

    Parts quality is very bad specially chain sprocket.After 3 years maintenance cost will be more than 10000 inr annually (roughly equal to car maintenance).Company is gaining profit because we love royal enfield otherwise built quality of new enfield is not up to the mark.

    Jogesh 1 month ago
  • Scram 411
    19 reviews

    Basically, scram is just rebadged Himalayan, just a tourer bike. I mean if buying a scrambler you must buy from Yezdi at least its more powerful at the same price, looks better and is more powerful.

    Shubhrant 5 days ago
  • Bullet 350
    4228 reviews

    Excellent bike you can go anywhere whithout any tension.This bike don't thinks of km it only thinks of comfort and stability the rider can enjoy.Millage is also very good as compared to 350 cc engine.All over this is an excellent machine.

    Rohit 1 month ago
  • Himalayan
    529 reviews

    I have owned the bike for a good 1.5 years now, I have done a tour of 1500 kms (round trip), I rode it on the terrain of northeast India. I have mostly ridden it in city traffic to the office and here is my review. The bike is absolutely fantastic in terms of ride quality and terrain handling. You need just this much power for any tour, (it's perfect for our Indian road conditions and mileage is good too). In the city, it is okay but very heavy (you might resent your decision of buying it) but once you take it to highways especially the twisties on a hilly area you will love the ride and feel awesome that you own this bike. But there are certain issues that I faced that compelled me to think about selling the bike. The biggest issue is that there will be a lot of problems with the bike one after another, Most of the problems can be dealt with in the service centre (they are very good ) but some could not (you will literally feel like a mechanic). You want the feel of raw motorcycling to get a Royal Enfield but if you want a no-nonsense and reliable machine get a Honda (which I plan next). Lastly, I would say don't rush because youtube reviews are mostly paid and biased (very few websites like Zigwheels put genuine reviews and are actually helpful). Talk with people owning the bike facing issues and more importantly take a test ride.

    Biplab 1 month ago
  • Interceptor 650
    550 reviews

    It's the best bike for this price range. The engine is super refined. It has a good grunt at the low end. Even in 6th gear you can cruise speed at 40,50kmph. It's on the pretty heavy side. So it's best for highway rides. There are plenty of aftermarket accessories. So you can customize for your like. The Milage is petty decent for this heavy-duty. I get about 30kmpl on the highway and 25 to 27kmpl in city traffic. There's zero vibration anywhere on the bike. I love riding the bike between 80 to 110kmph. The brakes are very good. There's no TFT(Thin Film Transistor) display or quick shifter or lean angle sensor for abs or traction control, but those don't improve your riding quality. This bike feels like riding on a feather. That's what a rider wants "power" is everywhere at any RPM.

    Alien 1 month ago

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Royal Enfield Bikes FAQs

Which is the cheapest Royal Enfield bikes in India?

The cheapest Royal Enfield bike in India is Bullet 350, which is priced at Rs. 1.45 Lakh.

Which are the best Royal Enfield bikes under 2 lakh?

The popular bikes offered by Royal Enfield in this segment are Royal Enfield Classic 350, Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and Royal Enfield Meteor 350

What is the price range of Royal Enfield ?

Royal Enfield bikes in India comes in the price range of Rs. 1.45 Lakh to Rs. 3.26 Lakh.

Which is the latest bike launched by Royal Enfield in India?

The latest launched bike by Royal Enfield in India is Scram 411.

Which is the best mileage bike in Royal Enfield?

Classic 350 is the most mileage efficient model in Royal Enfield with a mileage of 42 kmpl.

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